Basic Income vs Basic Capital with Juliana Bidadanure

An interview with Juliana Bidadanure, Assistant Professor in Philosophy, Stanford University, on basic income, basic capital and more.

Former SEIU President Andy Stern

Andy Stern, one of America’s most influential organizers and activists, describes his time as SEIU President, why he stepped down and eventually turned to the basic income as a policy solution for the new economy. Stern is the author of Raising the Floor: How a Universal Basic Income Can Renew Our Economy and Restore the American Dream.

Milicent Johnson on Poverty, Philanthropy and UBI

Would a universal basic income solve poverty? Milicent Johnson offers her unique perspective on how these issues intersect as someone who works in philanthropy to alleviate poverty.

Rose Broome, CEO and Cofounder of HandUp

One cold evening in San Francisco, Rose Broome walked past a homeless woman sleeping on the street and decided in that moment to do something impactful to help the homeless. This eventually led to the creation of HandUp, an organization that facilitates donations to people in need. As she has come to understand poverty and homelessness in America, Rose has become a strong advocate for the basic income.

An Overview of the Basic Income

Sandhya, Jim and Owen provide an overview of what the basic income is, its biggest benefits, most common objections, results of pilot studies and what’s driving the conversation today.

Amira Jehia of Mein Grundeinkommen

Sandhya and Jim spoke to Amira Jehia of Mein Grundeinkommen, a German organization that crowdfunds and raffles yearlong basic incomes to raise awareness around the issue.

Rutger Bregman, Author of Utopia for Realists

A conversation with Rutger Bregman, author of Utopia for Realists: The Case for a Universal Basic Income, Open Borders and a 15-Hour Workweek. We discuss what brought him to the basic income movement, some historical basic income experiments, and how a basic income could benefit his home country of the Netherlands.

The Universal Income Project

Jim Pugh and Sandhya Anantharaman, our new cohost, discuss the Universal Income Project and each host explains how they got into the basic income movement.

Scott Santens on Having a Basic Income

Scott Santens, who crowdfunds his own basic income, discusses the experience of having wage security, and where he sees the future of technology taking us.

Camila Thorndike on Cap & Dividend

Camila Thorndike of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network discusses campaigning for a cap and dividend at the state and national level.

Joe Huston of GiveDirectly

A conversation with Joe Huston on GiveDirectly’s upcoming experiments in which every resident of select villages in certain African countries will receive a long-term basic income. Joe discusses what he hopes to learn from these experiments, how the basic income conversation has changed over the years and what it’s like to knock on someone’s door and offer an unconditional living wage.

Che Wagner, Campaigner for the Swiss Basic Income Referendum

Our first episode! Jim Pugh caught up with Che Wagner, who campaigned for the basic income referendum in Switzerland. We also get an inside look at this year’s Basic Income Earth Action conference, held in Seoul earlier this year.