The Bootstraps Basic Income Documentary

We talk with Conrad Shaw and Deia Schlosberg, co-creators of an ambitious film, Bootstraps, that will crowdfund and donate a basic income to multiple people and then follow the recipients to see how it changes their lives. Hear what inspired them to embark on this multi-faceted project and donate to their crowdfunding campaign here:

2 thoughts on “The Bootstraps Basic Income Documentary

  1. Brandy Moore

    I’d like to offer the free use of my original song written about Basic Income “Just Because I’m Alive”. I will be singing this song at NABIG 2017 in New York City this month, and also in Lisbon, Portugal at another Basic Income congress this fall. People can download this song for free anytime at
    Thanks for your consideration!
    Brandy Moore
    Canadian Singer/Songwriter

  2. ed yourick

    Interesting concept. Having a little bit more money in ones life would help share the wealth a little more. You could give to charities, church groups, social organizations, animal sanctuaries, etc. It is difficult to give to these groups in our economic times.


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